Domestic Violence

Darin Mangnall and Daniel Mossinghoff win these cases every day. If you are reading this, you already know that Colorado has a no tolerance standard when it comes to an allegation of domestic violence. All it takes is an allegation and they will arrest you and presume that you are guilty. If someone called the police, they have arrested you or they will soon. There is no way to avoid being arrested. If someone called the police, someone will go to jail. The police have been trained that they must make an arrest; they have no discretion. If someone called them, they will arrest you. The politics of this issue makes it mandatory. Your significant other already feels bad about dialing 911. They wanted help, but they did not anticipate that this was the help they would receive. You have been or your will be arrested and at one point or another you will sit in jail. The system has been set up to try to make you plead guilty without the help of an attorney. DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY!


The fast track system is set up to make you plead guilty. It is set up to trap those people that actually beat their spouse into doing whatever they can to get out of jail. If you do not have an attorney, the system will overwhelm you you. It presumes you are guilty. It has decided that you are worthy of speaking to you spouse or your children. Even if you feel you were wrong, do not accept the “help” they are offering.


The domestic violence lobby has made sure that you will be pressured to give up your rights as fast as they can take them away from you. If you are reading this, you still have a chance.


Let us tell you how to keep this private argument from destroying your life. Our advice is quick, easy and free. A domestic violence conviction could mean the end of your life as you know it. It can keep you from getting a job for a long time, from owning a gun forever and from living with your family for years. We have a proven track record of getting our clients cases thrown out of court. Nine out of ten of these cases should be dismissed. We can tell you how to make that happen if you give us a call.


Daniel C. Mossinghoff and Darin K. Mangnall are personally available every day, any time for a free consultation. Call us. We can help. Contact us now so that we can discuss your case as soon as possible; 303-502-5816 or email us at or



Juvenile Cases

If you find your family being drawn into the juvenile delinquency system, you must have an attorney that understands not only the system itself, you must have an attorney that fully understands the politics involved. The proposed goal of the juvenile delinquency system is to act in the best interest of the child. The idea is grand, the intention well intended.... the result is often that the government takes over your role as a parent and the child is buried under the tide of good intentions. The many players in each case can overwhelm the intended goal of helping a troubled youth.


THE PROSECUTION: The state brings the allegation that your child is a juvenile delinquent. This is the juvenile equivalent of charging your child with a crime. It is prosecution’s job to make sure that your child is “adjudicated” (ie convicted) of the delinquent act. The prosecution has very little power beyond adjudicating your child. They rarely have the experience to understand the power they hold over your child. They often look at their assignment in juvenile prosecution as at best a necessary evil that they have to experience on their way up the ladder and at worst, a prosecutorial hell that they must endure in order to progress in their career. The occasional few actually dedicate themselves to working for your child’s best interests, but it is few and far between that you will encounter a prosecutor who has the life experience and compassion to actually care about the best interests of your child.


THE DEPARTMENT: Better known as the Department of Human Services, this group of well intentioned people are tasked by the Court with investigating your home and your ability to properly take care of and parent your children. They make recommendations to the Court about whether or not your child should remain in your home. They can provide many helpful services to your family should you need them. They can provide counselling or shelter or they can provide long term treatment for truly troubled children. The problem is that they are on a limited budget and will they are tasked to seek to do the least they can to actually help your child should your child actually need real help. This leads to truly troubled children being set up to fail. If the Department is involved in your life, they can cause an enormous amount of pain while attempting to meet their obligation to act in you child’s best interest. If they are being imposed on your family, you need the help of an experienced juvenile attorney.


THE GUARDIAN AD LITEM: This is an attorney who is literally a surrogate parent. Their job is to act as an appropriate parent should in order to make sure that the child’s interests are protected. They are not a criminal defense attorney; they are the equivalent of a parent in the legal sense. They are appointed when a parent is the victim of the child’s crime and thus the parent may be conflicted about what is best for their child, and they are appointed when the parent appears to the court to be unable or unwilling to truly act in the best interest of the child. They are a security parent appointed by the state. Usually, they are an asset. but they are not an actual parent. They have not known your child from the day they were born. They cannot pretend to understand the essence of your child after a few days of trying to get to know your family. They are well intentioned, well trained and experienced, but they are not the parent of your child.


THE MAGISTRATE: Most juvenile Magistrates truly believe in the mission they have dedicated themselves to. They want to make sure that your child actually betters themselves from their experience in the juvenile delinquency system. They are not slaves to the politics and will often defy those influences that are purely politically driven. You need to have an attorney who understands the politics of the juvenile system. You need our ability to wade our way through the minefield of delinquency court. We know the players; we know the system. Call us for a free consultation that may save your child’s future. Contact us now so that we can discuss your case as soon as possible; 303-502-5816 or email us at or


THE DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Many are appointed by the state. Few parents understand the need to have an independently trained and experienced defense attorney. In most juvenile courts, all of the attorneys are appointed. This means that each case is dealt with by a different combination of the same people. The appointed attorneys interchange positions as GALs and defense attorneys on different cases. The are all paid by the state, and their singular exposure and reliance on the same system to survive creates an almost incestuous circular quagmire of ineptitude. There are many very qualified and experienced, passionate GALs and court appointed defense attorneys, but far too often the ones that represent your child are just cogs in a wheel. We are not a part of that wheel . We truly understand what it takes to make sure that your child is actually defended. We are well respected and experienced in defending children in this system. Please call us to talk about how we can help your child. Contact us now so that we can discuss your case as soon as possible; 303-502-5816 or email us at or


The attorneys at Mossinghoff Mangnall have over twelve years of experience in the juvenile courts of Colorado. We know all aspects of this particular system and how to help your child through this mine field. Please contact us so that we can give you a free consultation that can at least help to ease your mind about the situation your family is facing.



Traffic Cases

TRAFFIC Traffic tickets can seem to be fairly unimportant to most drivers; however, traffic tickets can result in a loss of your license or an increased cost of your insurance. If you are over 21 years old, you can lose your license for one year if you are convicted of 12 points in a 1 year period. Also, if you are convicted of 18 points within two years, you can also lose your license for one year. More than that, your insurance premiums can increase dramatically over several years should you get too many points over a period of time. You need to keep as many points off your motor vehicle record as possible. We can help. Contact us for a free consultation as soon as possible.


PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS Professional drivers need aggressive defense for traffic matters. Your career is literally at stake with each ticket you get. Daniel Mossinghoff and Darin Mangnall have represented thousands of taxi drivers, limousine drivers and professional truck drivers, and they understand the stress professional drivers have when ticketed. If you are a professional driver, call us. We understand your insurance carrier’s demands and the application of any convictions to your professional license.


DRIVERS UNDER TWENTY-ONE Minors have limited permission to drive. For instance, If you are between 19 years old and 21 years old, you can lose your license for one year if you are convicted of 9 points in 1 year. If you are 18 years old or under, you can lose your driver’s license for 1 year if you are convicted of 6 points in one year. Finally, if you are convicted of 14 points between the time you are 16 years old and the time you are 21 years old, you can still lose your license for one year as well.


Any time you are ticketed for a traffic matter, you should contact us. Contact us now so that we can discuss your case as soon as possible; 303-502-5816 or email us at or


Municipal Cases


Many cities in Colorado maintain a judicial system solely for the purpose of enforcing the individual laws of each particular city. Each municipal court is different from the rest and all are different from the state judicial system. Many municipal courts will prosecute cases that you would not see prosecuted at the state level. Many municipal courts have an intrinsic conflict to them; the judges and the prosecutors often work at the leisure of the city council. If the city council does not like what the judges do or how the prosecutors prosecute, their careers can become in jeopardy. This does not mean that the judges and prosecutors are tainted or evil; they all work very hard and ethically, but it does mean that being charged with a municipal violation can be a dangerous thing.


Each municipal court is run differently. They each have different judges, prosecutors and policies. The attorneys at Mossinghoff Mangnall have defended cases in every metro area municipal court. We have the experience that you need to find your way through the intricacies of the many different municipal courts of Colorado’s metro area. Please call us now if you are facing a municipal charge. Our free consultation can help you decide how much danger you are in and how we can help you get out of it. Contact us now so that we can discuss your case as soon as possible; 303-502-5816 or email us at or